Machine Readable Passport Not Valid Anymore

The Ministry of internal affairs has announced that machine-readable passports can no longer be used as a valid travel document effective April 4th. In their place, members of the public are required to use an electronic Machine Readable Travel Document (e-MRTD)

According to the deputy coordinator anti-human trafficking department under the ministry of internal affairs, Agnes Igoye,  the machine-readable passport is now an outlawed document for Visa application.

The ministry of urges members of the public to apply and acquire the e-MRTD. Ugandans who are abroad will, however, be allowed to travel back despite the expiry of their passports.

Over the past couple of months, different embassies of Uganda in different countries and cities have been launching e-passport processing centres with the most recent being London.

The Ministry cautions the public to be aware of conmen who will want to take advantage the change by telling people that they can no longer get e-passports unless they pay heavily. e-MRTD will continue to be issued and there is no deadline for that.

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