Luwero District Service Commission Tasked To Restore Image Over Corruption

Luwero District Service Commission (DSC) salvage and restore its lost integrity image, the district LC V chairman Erasto Kibirango has advised.

According to Kibirango, the public has since lost trust in the commission over repeated corruption allegations especially during the recruitment exercise for servants for various positions.

He said on Friday that his office has been flooded with complaints that jobs in Luwero district are now awarded to those who offer the highest bribes to the members of the commission, something he condemns as unethical. Kibirango made the remarks at the commission offices in Luwero town council, during the swearing-in ceremony of a new member Sarah Namubiru who is a retired principal agricultural officer in Luwero district.

Speaking at the same event, Luwero district chief administrative officer (CAO) Innocent Asaba asked the DSC to always recommend public servants on merit and that they should always declare conflict of interest in case they emerge.

On his part, the chairperson of DSC Dr George William Ssemivule blamed the allegations on imposters whom he said con applicants in exchange for jobs. He called on all those applicants who go through this extortion to capture evidence and present it noting that it would always be helpful in investigations.

In March this year, at least 36 teachers in Luwero district were dismissed from service for abscondment from duty. The affected teachers were formerly deployed at universal primary schools that included; Mityebiri Roman Catholic, St Theresa Kasaala Girls, Luwero Boys, Nandere, Buyuki, Malungu and Nambi UMEA primary schools. Others were from Balita-Lwogi, Matembe, Kabuye, St Peter’s Semyungu, Lukomera C/U and Anoonya Orthodox P/S among others.

On February 23, 2023, the Luwero District Service Commission ordered 41 teachers to appear before it to defend themselves in cases of abandonment from duty. The 41 teachers had been accused of being away from work for over three months without permission from their supervisors which is against the public standing orders. However, only five turned up and 36 didn’t appear to defend themselves which forced the DSC to recommend dismissal. This dismissal brought about the need to conduct fresh recruitment to fill the vacant positions.

Bernard Okello, the Luwero district human resource officer explained that upon receiving a report recommending for dismissal of the teachers from the DSC, the CAO signed off their letters terminating their services.

Okello added that the district followed the process of giving them a chance to defend themselves but they didn’t appear to do so. He noted that they deleted them from the payroll and said that the district would soon advertise their positions seeking interested persons to fill up the vacant positions. The exercise of recruiting servants is charged with the commission in question which has been asked to be professional.

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