Luwero Businessman Arrested After Paying UGX 2m to Kill Rival

Police in Luwero town have arrested a businessman after he allegedly paid Shs 2 million to a Uganda People’s Defense Forces soldier to kill his business rival.

Swaibu Semanda, the owner of Extreme General Hardware allegedly paid a soldier to kill his neighbour Moses Kizito of MK Hardware located in Kasana trading centre along the Kampala-Gulu highway.

Kizito’s wife, Barbrah Sonko narrates that two days ago, a soldier approached her husband and told him he had been contracted to kill him at Shs 30 million.

Sonko adds that the soldier alerted the police about the mission and they hatched a plan to arrest Semanda upon paying a deposit for the job.

She says that on Thursday night, the policemen and UPDF soldier sent a stage-managed photo of Kizito handcuffed so as to lure him to send Shs 2 million to the soldier before he could shoot him dead. He was picked up on Thursday night after sending a former crime preventer George William Kasule to deliver the money.

Semanda and Kizito were close friends but fell out after the latter opened a hardware shop next to his. It’s reported that the two have been rivalling in business for the past seven years.

Luwero district police commander Living Twazagye says that Semanda and two others are currently detained at Kasana police station.

Twazagye says that police have preferred charges of conspiracy to murder a person and will be presented to the magistrate’s court after investigations are done.

Last week, Stephen Musisi, a resident of Bukomba village in Luwero sub-county killed his wife Aisha Nalukenge Nagayi, and two children before he also committed suicide.

According to the Luwero district crime report, at least 58 homicide cases were reported in 2022 and the district ranked in eighth position with the highest number of cases.

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