Lorry Driver Robbed and Killed in Luwero

On January 27, David Ntanzi received a phone call from a sand dealer, Lawrence Mubiru. To Ntanzi, it was business as usual. Mubiru asked Ntanzi to drive his lorry and meet him at Kibanyu village in Luwero where they collect firewood. It would turn out that Ntanzi was being led to a death trap.

According to the territorial police in Luwero, Mubiru was hit on the head and killed. HIs body was buried in the forest. The robbers took off with his lorry, registration number UAT 840 C.

“The investigation first started as a disappearance till when Kasozi Robert was seen driving the stolen Tipper from Luwero to Bombo, where it was hidden.  The following day on the 28.01.2022, the police at Matugga intercepted the stolen Tipper Lorry at 11 am, while being driven by Mbabali Frank and in the company of Mubiru Lawrence.  The three suspects who include, Kasozi Robert, Mbabali Frank and Mubiru Lawrence, are now being processed on charges of Murder and Aggravated Robbery,” reads a statement by the police

“We urge all drivers and transporters to maintain heightened vigilance and conduct sufficient due diligence.  The method of operation by the suspects was to hire a Tipper Lorry, then kill the driver and rob the truck.”

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