Log from Nileply’s Forest Reserve Kills Woman in Jinja

Police Detectives in Jinja are investigating circumstances under which a log from Namavundu Forest Reserve in the Butagaya sub-county, Jinja district killed a 38-year-old woman.

The deceased identified as Susan Natwoli was walking alongside her seven-year-old daughter on a feeder road located about 10 meters from the forest reserve on Saturday evening when one of the logs hit her head. She died instantly.

Casual labourers on the site fled into hiding upon receiving information about a misdirected log that ended Natwoli’s life. Sylvia Naikoba, a relative of the deceased says that Nileply, the company in charge of the reserve does not have clear safeguards to protect neighbouring communities from accidents during harvest seasons.

Butagaya sub-county chairperson Abdullah Suuta says that they are already engaging Nileply on the need for harmonious co-existence with the surrounding communities. “Nileply is a reliable investor, who employs casual labourers from our community. We are encouraging them to institute safety measures, which will protect local people from being involved in such accidents,” he says.

Kiira Regional Police Spokesperson James Mubi says that they are liaising with Nileply managers to ensure the prosecution of those who neglected their duties, leading to loss of life. Mubi further asked residents in the neighbouring communities to be cautious for their personal safety.

Meanwhile, in Busoga East, the police are investigating circumstances under which a 68-year-old man identified as Wilson Yokwap was burnt to death in his neighbour’s sugarcane plantation.

Yokwap, a resident of Busimbi village, in Iwemba sub-county, in Bugiri district, is reported to have gone missing from his house on Friday evening. His neighbours alerted the police after looking for him in vain. His body was later found by casual labourers who had gone to harvest residues from the plantation on Saturday morning.

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