LIST: 127 arcades allowed to reopen

The Ministry of Kampala Capital City And Metropolitan Affairs on 7th August updated the public on the guidelines and status of opening work spaces as guided by the President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni in his address after the 42-day lockdown.

The Ministry and KCCA started implementing instructions for workspaces such as Kikuubo and other arcades that are known for congestion and overcrowding which could create possibilities for the continuous spread of Covid- 19.

The Public Health team at KCCA together with Internal Security, Military Police, Uganda Police Force and Ministry of Trade, Industry & Cooperatives assigned an inspection team to assess suitability and compliance of the arcades based on a checklist that ensured adherence to Covid-19 SOPs.

Arcade owners, their leaders and trader association leaders were all involved in drafting of the said checklist which was used to recommend opening, provisionally fail or fail reopening of arcades.

The critical measures that the inspection teams used and are continuing to use to make determinations of whether arcades and malls should be opened or not are the include;

1. 50% capacity in the arcades.

2. No vendors or hawkers allowed on City streets in the CBD.

3. All passageways be cleared of illegal structures.

4. No shop extensions were allowed.

5. Access would only be allowed with mask, temperature measurement and sanitization

6. Presence of compliance officers

7. CCTV camera surveillance

8. Isolation rooms in place.

9. Adequate sanitary facilities (one toilet per 20 shops)

10. A register of all tenants in the arcade to facilitate government knowledge of populations in the said workspaces and extent of government intervention if any is required.

On Wednesday 11th August 2021, a total of two hundred and forty-seven (247) arcades had been inspected and only 127 were recommended for opening while 120 were not recommended for re-opening.

The enforcement team will continue to ensure that all streets are free of vendors and encourage those trading in irregular spaces to move into the markets and out bounds of the city.

Government through KCCA has greatly improved infrastructure like roads, street lighting and drainage in the suburbs attracting developments that are quickly and competitively providing workspaces.

On Monday, 16th August 2021, the inspection teams shall head out to Makindye Division and thereafter, Lubaga, Kawempe and Nakawa to undertake the same task to ascertain compliance of arcades and other workspaces.

Vaccination will continue under KCCA and the Metropolitan at designated points that have been extensively published and the public is encouraging all eligible, as per the Ministry of Health Guidance, to get vaccinated.

The Minister continues to remind the public that compliance as a city shall determine whether the economy fully reopens successfully or we face a third wave. He further urged Ugandans to uphold the SOPs communicated by the Ministry of Health and abide by the government set curfew hours.

Recommended Arcades for Opening include;

1 Senna Arcade

2 Haider Arcade

3 Nagatule Plaza

4 Grand Corner

5 Viena Bussines center

6 Park enkadde Mall

7 Mukwano mall

8 Rene Plaza

9 Plot 8 Arcade Luwum Street

10 Plot 21 luwum Street

11 City center Complex

12 Maria Galaria

13 Bunkedeko Arcadde

14 Aponye City Mall

15 City House

16 Sarah Mall

17 SAL

18 PAN World

19 Nkurumah Nasar link Plaza

20 Musana House

21 Mukwano Courts

22 Park Royal

23 Senana Shoping Center

24 Silver Arcade

25 Ham Power point

26 Capital Shoppers Plaza

27 MM Plaza

28 Ham Towers and Shoping Mall

29 Namayiba Building

30 Namayiba Paka Plaza

31 King Forward

32 Arua Park Mall

33 Zaidi Complex

34 Bhatia Tower

35 E Tower

36 Em Plaza

37 Plot 79A

38 Youma Building

39 Prisma Building

40 St Paul Books and Media center

41 Damanico Plaza

42 Kalungi Plaza

43 Biplous Ltd

44 Kati Kati

45 Karobwa Towers

46 Jenna Plaza

47 Namanda Plaza

48 Reco House

49 Cham Tours

50 Equotorial Shoping (Old)

51 Unia House

52 Numak House

53 Aponye Building

54 Kisakyamaliya

55 Detail Plaza

56 Royal Plaza

57 Hanifa Plaza

58 Electrical Plaza

59 Park View

60 Hard Ware Plaza

61 Eeagle Plaza

62 Market Plaza

63 Nalubega Plaza

64 JBK  mall

65 Nalubega Plaza

66 Nakasule Shoping Center

67 Atalanta Texile

68 Annet Plaza

69 Magoba Shoping Arcade

70 Mega Plaza

71 Victoria Plaza

72 Ham Towers

73 Mukwano Arcade

74 Mirembe Arcade

75 Fair House

76 Demberyo House

77 Copper Complex

78 Nasar Road Mall

79 Miracle House

80 Annet and Nine others

81 Universal House

82 Simba Telecom Building

83 Prime Complex

84 Rashnaly Ghandi

85 Blessed to Bless

86 Justin in Case Uganda

87 Bhatia Building

88 Nandi Tower

89 Ivory Plaza

90 Jesico Plaza

91 Plot 15 Rhashid  Khamis

92 Mukarwe Rnterprise Ltd

93 Grand Plaza

94 Cornerstone Plaza

95 Discount Mall

96 Bulamu Bwebugaga

97 Kosovo Plaza

98 Kasiwukira Plaza

99 Discover Plaza

100 New Park Mall

101 KK trust arcade

102 Lions shoping Mall

103 Gwanda Shoping Mall

104 Bunyiri Egg Center

105 Rosa Market

106 Sasa Arcade

107 Apple Towers

108 Jumbo Arrcade

109 Victor Arcade

110 Premier Arcade

111 Sunset Plaza

112 Shamba Complex

113 Nakivubo Traders Center

114 Original Shauriyako Plaza

115 Bast Bargaining Center

116 Angels Plaza

117 Nana center

118 Pentagon City Plaza

119 Capital Center

120 Qualicel Bus Terminal

121 Modern shoplex

122 Master Plaza

123 Silver Arcade

124 Ensi egumure Plaza

125 Sure House

126 Gathani House

127 Equotorial Shoping mall (new)

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