Licensing of Labour Recruitment Companies Set to Resume

The Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development has announced plans to lift the suspension on licensing new labour recruitment companies.

The government suspended the licensing of new companies in April 2019 to address challenges in the externalization of the labour programme.

The activity will resume on February 1, and according to the Ministry’s Permanent Secretary, a number of changes have been made for the better.

“During the cabinet meeting which approved the lifting of the suspension of issuance of licenses for new companies, the ministry was advised to consider the establishment of shelters to enable us to handle cases of Ugandans in distress or who have had their rights violated and also institute effective monitoring measures, especially in Saudi Arabia and UAE to curb persistent outcries from Ugandans in those countries. This is in progress,” the ministry’s Permanent secretary, Aggrey David Kibenge said.

“Using resources from the non-tax revenues generated, we intend to deploy up to three labour attachès to reinforce our embassies in destination countries and ensure that our migrants are safe, more and better jobs secured, and those in distress are provided the necessary support they need,” he said.

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