Let us Have Common Position On Anti-Gay Law – Tayebwa

The Deputy Speaker, Thomas Tayebwa has tasked the Prime Minister, Robinah Nabanjja to develop a standard position on the Anti-Homosexuality Act to be disseminated by Uganda’s missions abroad.

He gave the directive while chairing the House on Tuesday, 04 July 2023.

“There are disjointed responses. Each embassy is giving its own statement on the act which means government has not come up with one clear statement. We are depending on what we hear the President or government officials saying,” Tayebwa said.

He noted that since components of the act are being raised at international level, there is need for a uniform voice during its discussions.

“When we attended the ACP conference in Brussels, we found people talking about the draft Bill. Some were talking about the one we passed before the President returned it. Very few knew about the real Act,” Tayebwa added.

The Deputy Speaker commended legislators for ably representing Uganda at different international events they attend.

“As Parliament, we decided to take parliamentary diplomacy a notch higher, because it is anchored on state diplomacy. The questions asked to us by diplomats here, come from their parliaments. It is important that as MPs, we carry our national interests at heart when we go out there,” said Tayebwa.

Hon. Patrick Oshabe (NUP, Kassanda County North) called for time to be allocated to the parliamentary discussion of regional and international treaties to which Uganda subscribes.

“The Minister for Foreign Affairs needs to update this House on what they are doing about these obligations because some of them are agreements that we need to adopt or ratify,” Oshabe said.

In another development, the Deputy Speaker has given the Prime Minister a week within which to give a statement on the matter of rampant DNA testing in the country.

Tayebwa said many children are falling victim to the outcomes of DNA testing, with some being chased out of their families and homes.

“We need the Prime Minister to guide the nation on this matter if we have any regulations around it, and see how best we can counsel our people,” he said.

Tayebwa also called for the regulation of DNA testing centres.

“Ugandans are very sharp and soon you will have a DNA laboratory in very corner. We want to know how this is regulated and how it should be handled,” he added.

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