LCs On The Spot for Aiding Non-Citizens Process National IDs

Local Council officials in Arua City are on the spot for allegedly recommending non-Ugandans to the National Identification Registration Authority (NIRA) to obtain National Identity cards-IDs. 

According to City authorities, non-citizens especially Congolese and South Sudan nationals often pay a bribe of between Shillings 50,000 to 200,000 to LCs for recommendation letters to process the National IDs.

Twaib Achile, the Arua Deputy Resident City Commissioner in charge of the central division, says that his office has received a number of complaints over the numerous of non-Ugandans in possession of the National IDs. He has cautioned the LCs to desist from the habit and exercise some patriotism.

Ivan Sukuru, the LC I Chairperson of Upper Bibia cell in Arua central division told Uganda Radio Network URN that the vice is prevalent noting that most of his colleagues are easily lured due to the meager emoluments paid to them. He tasked NIRA to develop a strategy for recovering numerous National IDs in the hands of non-Ugandans.

Yasin Asega, the LC One chairperson of Old Back cell in Arua city, says that although his office has not issued the recommendation to non-citizens to process National Identity Card, there is a need for NIRA to task prospective citizens to first present a recommendation letter from LC before issuing them with an enrolment form.

Speaking during a recent dialogue organized to create demand for national IDs in Arua City, John Toa, the personal Assistance to the Executive Director of NIRA called for soul-searching amongst the LCs and DISOs who are charged with the responsibility of verifying information of the applicants in their localities to do due diligence.

“It is only Ugandans who don’t like their country because these non-Ugandans get the national IDs. You try to go to Kenya and see if you can succeed in getting their National ID, let our LCs and DISOs do the right job,” he noted.

The vice of non-citizens being in possession of National IDs has been a common phenomenon in West Nile, especially in the refugee-hosting districts and districts along international boundaries like Arua, Maracha, Koboko, and Zombo that many non-citizens have the national IDs of Uganda.

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