LC V Chairpersons Use Colleague’s Death to Reiterate Call for Pay Rise

Local Council V-LCV Chairpersons in Eastern Uganda used the burial of their colleague, Moses Olemukan, the former Bukedea LC V Chairperson Tuesday to demand a pay rise and improved welfare from the central government. 

The Chairpersons argue that despite carrying bigger responsibilities in terms of coverage and implementation of the government programs, they are least considered when it comes to facilitation and remuneration. Stephen Ochola, the Serere LC V Chairperson, who doubles as the team leader for Teso LC V Chairpersons, says that the government still pays them a basic salary of Shillings 2 million when the MPs who have little work take home more than Shillings 10 million as a basic salary per month. 

The MPs get a gross pay of Shillings 11 million besides allowances in plenary and committee sittings, mileage, and other work-related travels. According to Ochola, the LC V Chairpersons are now struggling for vehicles allocated to Chief Administrative Officers- CAOs and departments in the district to do their work. 

He wants the government to provide them with health insurance, good pay, transport, and pension for those who are re-elected to office for two consecutive terms like it is for MPs. 

In 2012, the LCV Chairpersons demanded a pay rise of at least 8 million shillings per month to help improve service delivery in the districts. Evelyn Chebet Kubalika, the Kapchorwa LC V Chairperson, who doubles as the Vice Chairperson of Uganda Local Government Association- ULGA in Eastern Uganda, says they decided to use the burial of the Bukedea LCV Chairperson to present their concerns because they have not been given an audience by the executive whenever they have issues.

Raphael Magezi, the Minister of Local Government who was in attendance at the burial said that the government is working on the issue of the welfare of local government leaders that will be addressed wholesomely.  

Besides the LCV Chairpersons, the other local government leaders have also raised similar concerns over their emolument and facilitation. Currently, a sub-county chairperson earns a monthly pay of 420,000 Shillings while LC1s get 10,000 Shillings per month.

According to the local government leaders, the poor remuneration and facilitation have hindered the monitoring of the district projects due to failure to reach out to all areas, leading to poor service delivery.

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