Lawyer Mabirizi Pleads With Judge for His Release

Often on the side of arguing cases in court, it was an unusual experience for lawyer Male Mabirizi when he was brought to court last week for the hearing of his bail application for bail.

Justice Christopher Madrama said the court did not have powers to reverse the orders of High Court that sentenced Mabirizi to 18 months in jail.

Politely, Mabirizi asked the judge to have mercy. I’m down on my knees please let me out. My lord I do not have any passport that can make me flee, I am a lawyer with many cases pending in several courts and my continued detention is more likely to affect them,” he pleaded.

He asked the judge to refer the case to a full bench of the Court of Appeal , but Madrama directed Mabirizi to reapply to the full bench.

 “I decline to release the applicant. Let him apply afresh to the full bench or apply to be released on bail pending appeal or application; whichever remedy is appropriate.”

Mabirizi was arrested over contempt of court and was ordered to pay 300M shillings, although Justice Madrama temporarily stayed fine.

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