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Landslides Displace Families In Mbale

Twelve families in Busano and Bungoko sub-counties in Mbale district are homeless following landslides that destroyed their homes, crops, and animals.

Jonathan Wandeka Wambwa, the LC 3 Chairperson of Busano sub-county says that the landslide occurred on Saturday afternoon following heavy rains that pounded the area for over five hours.

According to Wambwa, the victims are now living in Bunyango Community Primary School and Bunyango trading center without food and bedding. Wambwa says that several stones are at risk of rolling because the soils are now weak and cannot hold.

Chris Mafabi, the LC 3 Chairperson of Bungoko sub-county told Uganda Radio Network that landslides have cut off roads and bridges affecting the smooth flow of traffic.

“The people have to move to look for food and do other daily survival activities but it’s now hard, the government should step in and save the situation,” Mafabi said.

Miriam Mukyaye, the Mbale Woman Member of Parliament, says that no life has been lost because people were asked to leave their homes early enough when they saw small rocks rolling. Mukhaye says that the government has taken time to resettle these people even when they are willing to vacate the disaster-prone areas.

In August 2022, a report by the Mbale Regional Emergency Response Operation Center on disaster shows that 80 homes were washed away by floods that hit Mbale. The report also shows that the disasters displaced 5600 people, some of whom took shelter in schools.  

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