Kyabazinga of Busoga William Nadiope quashes reports that he has been dethroned

Reports have been swirling that Wilberforce William Nadiope Gabula IV is not the Kyabazinga of Busoga anymore. According to a statement allegedly authored by the Busoga Chiefs Royal Council, Gabula had been voted out and consequently replaced with Edward Columbus Wambuzi.

The statement has, however, been dismissed by the Busoga Premier Joseph Muvawala, who says it should be treated with contempt.

 “The Kyabanzinga once elected under the constitution of Busoga and our culture reigns till death and the organs of the Obwa kyabazinga to it: the Busoga Lukiiko, the cabinet, clans’ council, Abambedha council, Chief Royal Council among other duly perform their mandate and there should be no cause for alarm,” reads a statement by the Busoga premier in part.

Muvawala says the alleged dismissal of the Kyabazinga is false and election of another is illegal, misleading, and intended at creating confusion and disunity in the Kingdom.

Gabula, it can be recalled was elected 2014 and duly enthroned the same year. Wambuzi vowed after the enthronement that he would snatch the throne any time. He filed a petition then that the election of Gabula is nullified, but his petition was thrown out by the court.

It should be noted that Wambuzi previously served as a Kyabazinga in 2008, only to be removed over alleged irregularities in his election.

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