Koboko District Vehicle Impounded Over UGX 3.7 Million Debt

The official vehicle of the Koboko District Chief Administrative Officer has been impounded over a 3.7 million Shillings debt.

The impounded vehicle, a Toyota Land Cruiser double cabin registration number UBD 558B, was impounded more than a month ago and handed over to police by the management of NN Toyota in Arua.

The matter came to light after a section of councilors in Koboko District demanded the whereabouts of the vehicle that has been missing from the district headquarters.

Michael Ajule, the councilor for North Division to the district says that they were shocked to learn that the vehicle was impounded over unpaid arrears contrary to the initial explanation that the vehicle broke down.

Juma Mawa, councilor representing Dranya Sub-County to the district wonders why the office of the Chief Administrative Officer has failed to clear the debt of the service provider despite the council approving over 15 million Shillings for maintenance for the CAO’s official vehicle every financial year.

Ismail Noor, the Chief Executive Officer of NN Toyota Arua explains that they impounded the vehicle after the district failed to clear the accumulated arrears for repairs and other services provided from the 2020/2021 financial year.

John Bosco Akera, the Koboko District Chief Administrative Officer declined to divulge details saying he is not accountable to the media.

Tom Olinga, the Koboko Resident District Commissioner, says that they have since initiated investigations into the matter.

The impounded vehicle was donated to the district under the Refugee and Host Population Empowerment (ReHoPE) program.

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