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Kizza Besigye’s Bail Cash Term Reduced From ugx30M to 3M

High Court Judge Elubu Micheal has reviewed Rtd. Col. Dr Kizza Besigye’s bail from UGX 30 million to UGX3 Million cash. 

Justice Michael Elubu  described the shs30 million cash bail as being excessive and harsh.

Besigye had been remanded to Luzira a while back after he refused to pay 30M for his freedom. He said the bail cash term that Grade One Magistrate Siena Owomugisha had asked for was an extension of the injustices meted to him.

“The offence doesn’t attract a very severe punishment. If the court were to impose a fine as punishment and this would be two currency points for each term of punishment and since the maximum punishment is three years, the amount payable would be shs1.4million considering each currency point is shs20,000.”

“In light of the above, the court is persuaded to reduce the bail cash from shs30 million to shs3 million cash. All the conditions set by the magistrate remain the same,” court decided on Monday

Besigye was arrested two weeks back for allegedly inciting violence. He was arresred from down town where he had gone to protest the increasing commodity prices.

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