Kizza Besigye Denies Holding Secret Meetings With President Museveni

Former Forum for Democratic Change leader, Col Dr Kizza Besigye has denied claims by Democratic Party President Nobert Mao that he held secret talks with President Museveni. Mao made the claims during a Twitter Spaces session with journalist Bahati Remy, “You know very well that Col Besigye was in talks with Museveni. It was in the newspapers, and confirmed by Andrew Mwenda and Conrad Nkutu,”

Besigye has used Twitter to debunk the claims.

“I have never been in secret meetings or dialogue with Mr Museveni,” said Besigye.

He went on to say that they just don’t dialogue with the President, but transparency.

Mao has of late made it his preoccupation to throw missiles through his social media.

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