Kisoro district LCV chairperson summoned over assassination claims

Kisoro police have summoned the district LCV chairperson, Abel Bizimana to record a statement over his recent accusations that the area Resident District Commissioner (RDC), Peter Mugisha attempted to assassinate him.

On Tuesday, Mr. Bizimana alleged on social media that he narrowly survived assassination by security personnel that he believes were sent by the Kisoro RDC.

Mr. Mugisha dismissed the allegations and said, ” I received information from the police on Thursday morning that Mr Bizimana was found in a bar together with many people at around 9 pm in Kisoro town and when the police asked them why they were violating the CoVID-19 guidelines, the team turned violent before they closed the door of the bar. Police shot in the air because drunk people turned violent as some started throwing stones at them. I did not command the police that were implementing curfew.”

He added that he was shocked to read on social media that he is being accused of attempting to assassinate the Kisoro district LCV chairman, Mr. Abel Bizimana.

In another interview with the Daily Monitor newspaper, Bizimana admitted that he was meeting his people in a bar during curfew time but wondered why they shot in the air to disperse his people yet he is the vice-chairman of the district security committee.

“When I heard gunshots, I took cover under the chairs in the bar and I suspected that the security team had been sent by the Kisoro RDC, Mr. Peter Mugisha the fact that I have a misunderstanding with him because of his work methods,” Mr. Bizimana said.

He added that he will not bother reporting the matter to the police in Kisoro because he believes he won’t get Justice.

On September 29, the Kisoro police Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in a letter summoned Mr. Bizimana to the station on October 5 at 10 am to record statements over the assassination claims.

Mr. Bizimana has denied receiving any official police summon letter and has only seen it trending on social media.

” My lawyers have advised me to report to the Regional Police Commander in Kabale town because the one who signed the summon was among the security team that were shooting outside the bar where I was meeting my people,” Mr. Bizimana said.

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