Kasilo County MP Elijah Okupa Released on Police Bond

Kasilo County Member of Parliament Elijah Okupa was released on Police bond on Thursday after spending a night behind bars at Serere Central Police Station.

Okupa was arrested on Wednesday evening in Ocaapa Town Council where he was reportedly conducting training of political agents for Emmanuel Omoding, an independent candidate who eventually won the Serere County Parliamentary seat. The legislator was detained together with one of his bodyguards, Alfred Okiror.

After the arrest, the East Kyoga Regional Police Spokesman Oscar Gregg Ageca told Journalists that Okupa was conducting illegal campaigns in Ocaapa against the Electoral Commission guidelines and the laws governing the election of Members of Parliament.

In the police bond release form, Okupa is charged with campaigning beyond the stipulated campaign period. He’s expected to return to Serere CPS on February 28, 2023.

But the commanding officer of the police personnel in the Serere county by-election, Dennis Namuwoza told persons attending the pre-polling meeting with the Electoral Commission at Serere council hall that Okupa was arrested for misusing his bodyguards. He said that the MP had one of his bodyguards assigned to Omoding and committed other electoral offences like bribing voters.

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