Kasese MPs Irked by Delayed Security Deployment In the Area

Following the suspected rebel attack on a school in Kasese that left 43 people dead, legislators from the district have poked holes into government’s response to beef up security.

On Friday 16, June 2023, rebels of the Allied Democratic Forces attacked Lhubiriha Mpondwe Secondary School, setting buildings on fire leaving 37 students, a security guard and four other civilians dead.

It was then agreed, during a Parliament sitting on 23 June 2023 that the Government would swiftly move to deploy security in Kasese especially along the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The intention was to prevent a recurring attack.

In the House on Thursday, 29 June 2023, Bukonjo County West MP, Hon. Atkins Katusabe, however, updated Parliament that the Government had been slow to react in keeping its promise to up security deployment in Kasese.

He said that the situation was still tense and the residents in the area where the attack occurred and along the border were living in fear.

“Not so long ago, there used to be several Police checkpoints in and around Kasese but now, there is nothing and that gives us little confidence on matters concerning security,” Katusabe added.

The MP implored government to act on its promise and secure the area so that life can get back to normal with businesses operating and parents sending their children back to school.

Minister Peter Ogwang said that government was working around the clock to secure the schools and also compensate the victims

Katusabe also asked the government to endeavor to compensate the families of all the victims who were killed in the attack.

“We were told that the bodies of some of the students who were burnt beyond recognition were still being examined using DNA analyses before compensating the respective families; we hope that when the results are out the government follows through,” he said.

In response, the Minister of State for Education and Sports (Sports), Hon. Peter Ogwang, said that he will work with the area MPs and ensure that when the DNA results are out the rightful families are compensated.

He revealed that the ministry was working closely with the Ministries of Defence, Security and Internal Affairs to secure the schools in Kasese located near the border with DRC.

On the other hand, speaking on behalf of the Leader of the Opposition, Hon. Joseph Ssewungu (NUP, Kalungu West County) urged government not to just stop at compensating the victims of the attack but to go deeper in investigating the circumstances surrounding and leading to the attack.

Source: Parliament media

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