Kampala Woman MP accused of failing to pay campaign agents

Kampala Woman Member of Parliament (MP), Shamim Malende is being haunted by former campaign agents over claims of failure to pay them after her campaign trails.

A group of youth from Kawempe came out yesterday lamenting how they regret campaigning for the legislator who failed to keep her end of the deal.

One of the youth, identified as John says Malende promised them that if they assisted her in winning the elections, she will reward them handsomely.

Shamim Malende

John further said they tirelessly  distributed the legislator’s  posters inclusive door to door campaigns and she would only give them an allowance of either  Shs4000 or Shs5000.

“During the campaign period, Malende would readily pick up her phone calls even late in the night but now, she ignores our phone calls, “ he revealed.

Shamim Malende when contacted about the matter emphasised that she has no one demanding not even a bank, a money lender or an individual.

The Woman MP says that most of the campaign agents offered to campaign for free in solidarity of National Unity Platform (NUP ) candidates .

“ Most of the campaign agents offered to campaign for free because they were doing it for the love they had for NUP. It was just  out of  courtesy to help any NUP member standing for a political post,” Malende said.

Malende added that it is just  a political stunt and blackmail strategy to exort money from her.

Shamim Malende on her first time running for the seat found favor before the masses because her being the only woman on the legal team of Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi, the NUP president. She also offers free legal counsel for  NUP political prisoners.

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