Kampala Geopolitics Conference to kick off next week

Kampala Geopolitics Conference is a three-day academic event discussing current geopolitical questions and trends.

For the past 3 years, Kampala Geopolitics Conference has brought together thought leaders and policy experts from the East African region, France, Germany and other countries to engage in participatory and documented debates whose main purpose is stimulating dialogue of a global nature.

The annual conference aims at creating an interactive and dynamic platform for dialogue and free exchange of ideas cutting across contemporary local and international topics. This year will be no different, KGC will bring together key actors like journalists, political leaders and academics from across Africa and the EU involved in imagining the African continent of tomorrow.

Delegates comprising those in the government roles, civil society, development sector, as well as social partners, youth and government representatives will attend the event.

This year’s conference will be of hybrid format with physical sessions slated to take place from 10th November 2021 to 12th November 2021 at Makerere University Auditorium and virtually on Twitter Spaces.

The discourse is on topics around vaccination, pan africanism, climate change, sports and the olympics, trade, astro-politics, human rights, gender equality and migration among others.

Some sessions will be broadcast on TV to allow for local and international participation. There will also be a live stream on our Kampala Geopolitics website, zoom and the social media platforms of the KGC partners.

The Conference is convened in partnership with the Embassy of France, Makerere University, UN Women, the French Institute for International and Strategic Affairs (IRIS), and Alliance Française Kampala.

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