Kabaka Wants Bulungi Bwansi Replicated Everywhere in Uganda

The Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II has called upon the central government to emulate the practice of bulungi bwa nsi and replicate it across the country if Uganda is to develop. 

Speaking at his palace in Mengo to commemorate the annual bulungi bwa nsi day on Saturday which is normally held on October 8th, Mutebi said, it’s only when everybody is involved that the country will achieve success not only in environmental protection but also in other social, political and economic transformations.

Mutebi said bulungi bwa nsi has been a central pillar in the social transformation of Buganda over the years.

The Kabaka said that for years his Kingdom has been celebrating bulungi bwa nsi, they are encouraged by the number of people who have gotten involved in the affairs of their country, especially the youths. This, he said, gives him assurance that the future of the Kingdom and the country at large is safe.

This year’s celebrations were supposed to be held in Kyaggwe County. However, with the Ebola epidemic raging in some parts of the country with the epicenter being Mubende district, which is part of the kingdom, Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga said it was risky to have a large gathering of people that normally turn up for Kabaka’s functions.  

Buganda marks October 8th as the day it got independence from the British, a day before the whole of Uganda did on October 9th, 1962. Before the Kingdom was abolished following the political crisis of 1966 between the then President of Uganda and Kabaka of Buganda Sir Edward Muteesa II and prime minister, Milton Obote, the day was celebrated as Independence Day for Buganda. 

However, after the restoration of the Kingdom in 1993, Kabaka Mutebi decreed that October 8the be marked as bulungi bwa nsi day throughout Buganda. Other activities done on and before the day include general community cleaning, planting trees, touring successful farmers and entrepreneurs, and reaching out to vulnerable groups. 

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