Just In: Minister Charles Engola Shot Dead by UPDF Officer

Charles Engola Okello, the minister of labour, employment and industrial relations is said to have been shot by his security personel who alleged that he has not been paid.

According to sources, the UPDF officer whose names are still unknown opened fire near Kyanja Moslem Primary, which sent the community into hiding.

The officer was heard screaming on streets,”…i work for a whole minister and yet i’m broke.”

It alleged that he later went into a saloon where he shot himself dead.

It still remains unclear what his motive was and how many people he has injured, but Luke Owoyesigyire, the deputy police spokesperson, Kampala metropolitan shared on social media that the force will come up with a detailed report.

The Speaker of Parliament, Anita Among also confirmed the shooting of Engola to the house today.

Addressing a press conference today, police spokesperson, Fred Enanga further disclosed that the minister died at the scene of shooting, adding the force will keep updating the country on the motive of the officer.

This is a developing story………….

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