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Journalists Decry Poor Pay

On Tuesday, journalists across the nation celebrated the World Press Freedom Day, during the celebrations that were marked variously, a group of journalists under the Uganda Journalists Association (UJA) decried the poor pay by their employers.

Speaking to the press, Zambali Bulasio, a member in UJA said employers are reluctant to offer formal contracts to journalists and those that offer contracts only do it as a ceremonial endeavour, but usually don’t follow through with the details in the contract.

“Journalists are being denied insurance policies. They are sacked at will. They are paid poorly and are not facilitated as required,” he said.

Veronica Kayaaga, a journalist said she has never held a million from her employer yet she is 44 years old. She appealed to media owners to review salary structures and also improve working conditions.

The journalists also called for unity amongst themselves so that they can speak as one voice.

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