I’ll Sacrifice My Life to Save Ugandans—Kizza Besigye

On Thursday, the police stood in the way of former Forum for Democratic President (FDC) Kizza Besigye while he was walking to town to protest against the rising commodity prices. Besigye was eventually arrested and put under house arrest.

Before he was arrested, Besigye and a group of his fellow protesters held placards bearing the words, We can’t breathe, reduce the cost of living” and another saying, “Transition now, not Succession”,

He decried the high prices of various essential commodities and asked the government to relax taxes.

“We now have a cassava republic and a bread republic. We should get this money back so that the cassava republic can get something to eat. The RDCs should go back home and grow cassava so that there can be enough cassava in the market that can be bought by members of cassava republic, “he said.
“Here in Kasangati, some police officers connive with thieves to steal license plates from cars.The people who steal even leave behind their telephone numbers and when you contact them, they ask for Shs100,000.This  is how bad the situation is,” he said.

He said he is ready to sacrifice his life for the in order to secure a life for Ugandans.

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