IGP Ochola releases statement on initiatives to counter torture

Earlier today, the Uganda Police Force released a statement on initiatives to counter torture and mistreatment of suspects.

“I do reiterate that torture is categorically denounced as a matter of policy in the Police, and we remain committed to the full and effective implementation of our obligation under the Anti Torture and Human Rights Enforcement Laws of our country,” said Inspector General of Police, Martin Okoth Ochola.

In a letter dated 15th August 2021, IGP Ochola acknowledges that in the recent Presidential address on security, President Museveni strongly condemned the continued use of torture by security agencies including police during their enforcement operations.

Areas of his concern included use of excessive force, brutality, detention for long hours without trial, Induced confession among others.

“I do further acknowledge that the communication from the president was in line with the various anti-torture laws of Uganda which prohibits all acts of torture or other cruel, inhumane or degrading or punishment. There is no justification whatsoever under any circumstances or orders from a superior officer or public authority for torture,” Ochola added.

“Although, under the police we can not claim a perfect record in the fight against torture, my leadership has long been vigorous in fighting torture with very strict prohibitions”. He noted.

He however pledged to continue reviewing their efforts to ensure appropriate guidelines in the use of force before warning that authority should remain respected.

“We have come up with a help line aimed at addressing all concerns of torture by police officers. These are 0714668083 and 0707601052”. He added

According to Ochola, they have rolled out anti-torture laws, where the emphasis has been put on the protection of every individual’s life, liberty and physical integrity.

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