Gunmen Fire at Kyanja Police Post

Unknown gunmen riding on a motorcycle opened fire at Kensington Police Post in Kyanja around 1 am this morning sending police officers and locals into panic.   

The Kampala Metropolitan Deputy Police Spokesperson, Luke Owoyesigyire, says that the gunmen fired two rounds that shuttered the window pane at the police post.

He, however, says that none of the officers was injured in the attack. “We have not registered any injury or death in the shooting because our officers were alert and they responded well by chasing them,” he said. 

Owoyesigyire explains that whereas no suspect has been arrested, joint security joint teams have deployed in the area to investigate the attack and find the assailants. “The teams are currently retrieving the footage from the security cameras that can help in tracking the assailants,” Owoyesigyire noted.  

Grace Kamoga, the LC I Chairperson of Walufumbe Zone in Kyanja, says that attack moreover on the police post has triggered fear among the residents. 

“We call upon the police to tighten security in this area because the post could be attacked again. We don’t want the Busika scenario to happen in this area where we lose people. They were two but they could be part of a bigger group,” Kamoga said. 

The attack comes almost a fortnight after gunmen attack Busika police station in Luwero district and shot two police officers dead, injured two others, and made off with 2 firearms. However, one of the injured officers later succumbed to the gunshot wounds.

Security has since blamed the attack on Uganda Forces for Coalition Change, a rebel outfit. Owoyesigyire says that they have enhanced security at all police posts and stations around Kampala as well as pump fuel stations.

The incident also comes against the recent decision by the police leadership to merge several police posts around Kampala, Ssezibwa, and Katonga regions as the force pilots a new policing model which will be based at the sub-county. 

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