Government Tasked to State Position on Plight of Ugandans in Ukraine

Members of Parliament have asked for a position statement from the Government on the plight of Ugandans caught up in the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Lwemiyaga County representative, Hon Theodore Ssekikubo and Shadow Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon Muwada Nkunyingi said several Ugandans are studying, working and living in Ukraine and are currently stuck there.

On 24 February 2022, Russia launched a large scale invasion of Ukraine with more than 200 civilians reportedly killed.

Ssekikubo said over 100 Ugandans are trapped in Ukraine and the numbers might be much more since some people do not register with Government.

He added that Africans are being victimized and being blocked from exiting Ukraine adding that, ‘it is time for the Government of Uganda to state their position and how Ugandans can be evacuated’.

“I witnessed the destruction of the Orthodox cathedrals and the civilizations as a result of that war. Is there a way Government can step in to guide the warring parties not to destroy the civilizations of this world,” he said.

Nkunyingi asked Government to brief Parliament on the actual number of Ugandans trapped in Russia. He says Africans are suffering in the conflict and there is need for a clear response from Government.

“Africans including Ugandans are being pulled out of trains as they try and exit Ukraine,” he said.

The Minister for Security, Hon Jim Muhwezi said that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will give an update to Parliament about the matter.

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