Government Takes Over Construction of Luwero District Headquarters

Luwero district has called off a campaign to raise funds to complete the construction of the administration block. This follows the pleasant surprise announcement that the government is taking over the financial responsibility for the project.

Four years ago, Luwero leaders embarked on the construction of the four-storied building to accommodate the district headquarters. The revised project is worth 6.7 billion shillings.

So far the district has injected over 1.4 billion Shillings into the construction and the funds have been raised through a budget allocation from local revenue.

The construction of the headquarters is only slowly progressing due to a lack of funds.

Recently Luwero district announced a campaign dubbed ‘Luwero Yange’ asking residents and well wishers to contribute money for its completion.

But the fundraising drive attracted mixed reactions with some residents saying the government ought to complete the building as an appreciation to the area for its contribution towards the National Resistance Army war of 1981-1986.

Now the State Minister for Luwero Triangle Alice Kaboyo says that she has consulted with the Ministries of Local Government and Finance which agreed to release funds for the completion of the project.

Kaboyo directed the district to stop the fundraising drive and work with her ministry to ensure that the building is completed.

Kaboyo didn’t explain how much will the government disburse for the project and when it will be completed.

Erastus Kibirango, the LC 5 Chairman of Luwero district says that they have agreed to call off the planned fundraising drive and they are hopeful that government will fulfill its pledge soon.

Kibirango added that they had resorted to a fundraising drive because they had failed to secure funding from the central government nor raise funds from local revenue to complete the building in time.

Elizabeth Namanda the Luwero District Chief Administrative Officer welcomed the commitment by the government to take over the project and said they are looking forward to knowing how and when this will be done.

Namanda said that the completion of the building will enable them to decongest the offices which are currently shared.

Currently, Luwero district staff and Resident District Commissioners are operating in classroom-like buildings constructed two decades ago.

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