Government Slashes Oulanyah Burial Budget to 1.2bn

The Ugandan government has cut the budget for the burial of former Speaker Jacob Oulanyah from Shs 2.5bn to 1.2bn. This follows uproar from the public over the ‘extravagant’ amounts allocated. It is the second time the budget is being cut. First, it was slashed to Shs1.8 billion.

The first budget was allocated as follows;

Shs1.1 billion for burial day

A-Plus Funeral Management Shs226 million

Acholi Parliamentary Group Shs313 million

Finance committee Shs248.7 million

Security (Shs158.5 million),

Fuel Shs124 million The current budget is now close to what was budgeted only for the burial day. This week, the Inspectorate of Government Beti Kamya said she would investigate the ‘obscene’ amount budgeted to ascertain whether there was impropriety

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