FULL LIST: 120 arcades remain closed over failure to implement SOPs

Following inspection by the Public Health team from Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) together with Internal Security, Military Police, Uganda Police Force and Ministry of Trade, Industry & Cooperatives, an inspection team suggested that a number of arcades should remain closed after failing to implement COVID-19 Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) put in place by the Ministry on Health.

Only 127 arcades were recommended for opening out of 247 arcades that had been inspected by Wednesday, 11th August 2021. The remaining 120 arcades were not recommended for re-opening.

The arcades that failed were divided into two categories namely; those whose defects could be cured easily by implementing correcting measures, and those whose defects were substantial and major work was required for compliance to be achieved.

Out of the 120 non-complaint arcades and malls, 50 of them are considerably non-compliant (Failed), while 70 are fixable (Provisionally Failed).

The major issues affecting the “Provisionally Failed” and “Failed” arcades and malls are listed below;

Provisionally failed;

  • No CCTV
  • No complaiance officer
  • No running water
  • Defective toilets
  • No isolation room
  • No fire extinguishers
  • No building plans
  • Poor waste management


  • Inadequate or lack of toilets
  • Parking or basements converted into shops with ventilation and lighting
  • No fire escape
  • Congested or obstructed corridors with shops and shop extensions
  • Hanging electric wires
  • Dilapidated buildings
  • Staircases blocked or obstructed by temporary shops
  • No garbage disposal points

All building owners of non – complaint buildings have been served with defects or non – compliance notices that detail the corrective measures that have to be undertaken before re – inspection.

Within seven (7) days, starting today, the inspection teams will be ready to go back to the buildings that seek re – inspection for clearance to open upon notification of the Town Clerk by the property proprietor or administrator.

The Ministry of Kampala Capital City And Metropolitan Affairs trusts that by early next week, 197 arcades out of the 247 total should be open.

 Below is the list of arcades and their operational status.

For the “Failed” buildings, interventions like keeping the basements closed while they open are going to be explored to increase the number of businesses that open without compromising the intended compliance with SOPS.

There shall be an engagement of arcade and building owners in this category in the course of next week to establish their progress on compliance, so businesses can reopen.

Arcades Not Recommended for Opening;

1 Mabirizi City Plaza

2 God’s Grace

3 Qualicel house

4 “AMINA” William Street

5 Sky Light

6 Mulima Muyuni Arcade

7 Nakasero Complex

8 Katonga Business center

9 Star Shoppers

10 Soweto Arcade

11 Arrow Complex

12 Majestic Plaza

13 Old Park Royal

14 Smile Investments

15 Fidodo Building

16 Sembatya Arcade

17 Boost House

18 Platinum House

19 Braiden Plaza

20 Edmul Building

21 Gaza Land

22 Mutasa Kafero

23 Down Town Investment

24 Plot 67 Kampala road

25 Zam Zam Bussiness center

26 Masaka Jubille House

27 Naiga Chambers

28 Gagawala Building

29 City Complex

30 Galiraya Commercial Plaza

31 Kalungi Plaza

32 Kirumira towers

33 Mutasa Kafero

34 Peacock Building

35 Ambassador House

36 Energy center

37 Kherm Building

38 Sayuuni Arcade

39 Zebra House

40 Capital Center

41 Elite Apartments/ Meera Investment

42 Jambole Arcade

43 Nabukera Plaza

44 Sedona Complex

45 Musa Printer Industry

46 Titanic Plaza

47 Kizito Towers

48 Center Point

49 Zainabu Plaza

50 Sunset arcade

Provisionally Failing Arcades;

1 Kalmax Building

2 Corner House

3 Fazil Building

4 Tropical Complex

5 Arua Park Plaza A

6 Arua Park Plaza b

7 Giant shoping Arcade

8 Light Arcade

9 Justin Arcade

10 Nabugabo Bussines Center

11 Fami Plaza

12 Barmako House

13 Trade Link

14 Superior Complex

15 Transnile link

16 Fortune Plaza

17 Sunscity Arcade

18 Moon light Arcade

19 Lond building Plot 64 Kla Road

20 Bonita Arcade

21 Dembe Arcade

22 Bypass Building

23 Lutunga House

24 SS Plaza

25 Modern Sarah Center

26 Midcity

27 Manella White house

28 Kabale Arcade

29 Avemar Shopping Center

30 FAIBAH Plaza

31 Zai Plaza

32 Namaganda Plaza


34 Teddy’s PlAza

35 Jemba Plaza

36 Kampala Plaza

37 Zibula Atude

38 Sekaziga House

39 Nasar Printer House

40 Printers Miracle center

41 Nambusi Arcade

42 Unifam Plaza

43 Masjid Noor

44 Pacific arcade

45 Ganith House

46 Plot 69 Kampala road

47 Chicago

48 Zain textile

49 Kisenyi bus terminal

50 Nakivubo complex

51 Superior Complex

52 Printer Arcade

53 KoB House

54 Emka

55 SB City Plaza

56 Echo Plaza

57 Sentongo Solomon Plot 33A

58 Nampinge Ruth Plott 13A

59 Plot 3 Johnstone

60 Excutive House

61 kulusume Bhai

62 Star Shine arcade

63 Ovino shopping Mall

64 Bukandula Tower

65 RoyZ Plaza

66 KAPSI Building

67 HBT complex

68 Mengo Hill Plaza

69 Yamaha Centre

70 Temusewo Plaz

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