Former Uganda Airlines CEO Demands Reinstatement

Former Uganda Airlines Chief Executive Officer, Cornwell Muleya has written to the government demanding that he is reinstated or paid 3.5BN as terminal benefits. Through his lawyers, Muwema and Co advocates says he was unlawfully sacked and was not given a fair hearing.

Muleya was hired by the government in September 2019 as CEO of Uganda Airlines and renewed his contract three times before he was sent on forced leave and suspension last year. His contract was renewed in 2021 and it was due to expire in September 2022. 

According to his lawyers, the contract did not have a termination clause. His contract was terminated on February 15, 2022. He wants government to pay him Shs. 3.5 billion in terminal benefits or reinstate him.

However, Muleya claims that the interim board issued him a notice to terminate his contract on February 15, 2022, in disregard of the due process

Cornwell Muleya, the sacked former chief executive officer of Uganda Airlines wants the government to reinstate him or pay him over Shs 3.5 billion in terminal benefits.  

The reason for Muleya’s contract termination was never revealed as the matter is still being investigated by the Inspectorate of Government.

Muleya, says he will take legal action if government doesn’t not comply with demands he has presented through his lawyers. He also says he will need salary arrears of Shs 126 million for the month of February 2022, Shs 1 billion as payment for general damages for reputation damages and Shs 1.2 billion as payment for damages for loss of expectation interest in employment among other claims.

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