Forensic Experts Revisit Mukono School Fire Scene for More Evidence

The police forensic experts have resolved to revisit the Salama School inferno scene today to collect more exhibits that could be used to establish whether the blaze that killed 11 pupils was accidental or deliberate.

It is said a team of five forensic scientists will be at the school site in the Ntenjeru sub-county to pick anything that would be of evidential value as police probe speculation that the fire was a carefully predetermined act.

Police say that the Tuesday morning fire is linked to land wrangles, acts of terrorism, internal bickering, and lack of accountability regarding the donor funds that have reportedly been sent to run the school. Kampala metropolitan police spokesperson Patrick Onyango said that all four leads cannot be pursued unless experts first establish whether it was an act of arson or not.

Onyango said that if the experts prove beyond doubt that the children were killed in a deliberate fire, all the leads will be carefully followed. But if the results say it was an accidental fire, then the leads will not be making any sense and it will be resolved.

“This is why experts are going back to this scene to collect more exhibits. The first task is to establish what caused the fire. Is it a deliberate act or it was accidental? Without proof on those two things, we cannot conclude on the investigations will leads,” Onyango said.

Even though Onyango declined to divulge details regarding the exhibits that were collected on Tuesday when the school was burnt, URN understands that two remains of matchbox sticks were collected from the scene. Sources said that forensic scientists have established two different fingerprints on the matchbox sticks a reason they are going to collect soil or grass samples from where they were picked.

“The used matchbox sticks were not far from the burnt dormitory. They have now different fingerprints. As part of getting more evidence needed to establish the cause of the fire, fingerprints of school administrators will also be collected,” sources said.

By Thursday evening, police experts had collected all the blood samples from the parents to establish parenthood since the pupils were burnt beyond recognition. Police are also using machines to establish whether foreign material like fuel or gas was introduced into the dormitory.

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