Follow Procedures If You Want Change in NRM-Otafiire

The Minister of Internal Affairs Maj Gen. Kahinda Otafiire has advised National Resistance Movement-NRM leaders and supporters who are demanding for change to follow the right procedures. 

Otafiire said that NRM was built on systems and clear procedures which must be respected and followed by all members of the party. 

According to Otafiire, the founders of the party were not naive to put in place a system of leadership for the party. He said that people who feel dissatisfied with the party systems can form their own party to compete with the NRM.

“The leadership of the party must be chosen by the population and members of the party. If you don’t like the party, go and make yours and we compete”, Otafiire said.

Otafiire was speaking on Tuesday at a function to celebrate the 37th NRM Liberation Day at Nyabukara Youth Center in Fort Portal City.  The function was organized by a section of NRM supporters in the Rwenzori region under the Rwenzori Patriots Association.

Without mentioning names, he wondered how some people who are not members of the party can make suggestions that President Museveni should leave leadership for the young generation.

Recently, Otafiire attacked the First Son, Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba for suggesting it was time the young generation assumed leadership of the country from the NRM party. This is after Muhoozi had described NRM as a ‘reactionary’ party, which could not represent the young generation anymore.

Otafiire said it was wrong for Muhoozi to downplay the party that has been in power since 1986. According to Otafiire, they would still front Museveni as their preferred candidate for the 2026 presidential elections.

Through a tweet, Muhoozi responded saying that he will not sit and watch while the minister sabotages the young generation from running affairs of the country.

Whereas Muhoozi has not formally declared his presidential bid, he has through numerous social media posts hinted at succeeding his father.            

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