Five houses burnt to ashes after fuel tanker explodes

Reports coming in indicate that a fuel tanker burst into flames at Goli customs in Nebbi district on Friday morning.

According to the acting assistant commissioner in charge of public corporate affairs, Ian Rumanyika, this incident happened at around 3am on Friday when the fuel tanker registration number KCN0190/ZF7830 carrying diesel to the Democratic republic of Congo burst into flames.

“It arrived at Goli border post located 448 Kilometers north of Kampala at around 3am but caught fire shortly after parking. The cause of the fire is suspected to be friction of the rear tires,” Rumanyika revealed.

Rumanyika added that they were forced to allow all the other trucks that were parked on the roadside to temporarily exit into Congo to minimize the damage and destruction it could have caused.

The Nebbi district LC5 chairman, Mr Emmanuel Urombi also confirmed the incident and said 5 houses, including two huts belonging to the police caught fire as well.

“About 50 children ran in disarray from their houses and we intercepted some as far as Nebbi Town. The situation is not good because people have lost a lot of property when their houses caught fire,” he revealed.

Mr. Urombi added that another truck and a coaster that were awaiting clearance to proceed to Mahagi Town in DRC also got burnt.

Urombi noted that there was no death reported but they rescued a 7 month old baby from one of the houses. He said they are still ascertaining the extent of the damage.

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