FDC Chairpersons in Eastern Uganda Challenge Their Top Leaders to Desist from Division

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) district leaders in Eastern Uganda have expressed their concerns about the ongoing conflicts within the party’s top leadership.

They have called on their leaders to refrain from making malicious claims against each other, as they believe this is negatively impacting their grassroots support.

During a press conference in Jinja City Wednesday, the district party leaders urged their top party officials to engage in internal dialogues to resolve conflicts rather than airing their differences in the media.

They believe that publicizing these disagreements has damaged the party’s reputation in the eyes of the public and has led to a decline in active support from grassroots members.

The leaders also addressed rumors about alleged financial support from President Yoweri Museveni to the current FDC top leadership. They claimed that such talks have made them appear untrustworthy to their grassroots supporters and have turned them into a subject of ridicule.

Additionally, the district leaders challenged the party founders, particularly Rtd. Dr. Col. Kiiza Besigye’s faction at the Katonga office, to refrain from openly differing from the official party positions. They believe that such public disagreements cause confusion and discourage the public from effectively mobilizing support for the party.

Besigye had previously advised the current FDC leadership to postpone elections and focus on resolving internal differences. However, the leadership proceeded with party structure elections despite this advice.

Eunice Namatende, the Bugiri District FDC party secretary, emphasized the importance of quality managerial skills among party leaders. She encouraged leaders to allow sufficient time and space for their successors to execute their roles effectively, instead of engaging in endless influence peddling.

Jamal Wante, the FDC chairperson in Namutumba district, urged the top leadership to refrain from publicly abusing each other, as this diminishes their value in the eyes of party supporters.

Enid Nabukwasi, the FDC Women chairperson in Jinja City, raised concerns about the funding of general elections within the party. She stressed the need for transparency and accountability regarding the use of funds during the 2021 presidential elections.

Joseph Chemonges, the chairperson of FDC in Kapchorwa, called for unity among all factions within the party. He believes that fostering a sense of unity will lead to progressive development within the party as they prepare for upcoming elections.

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