Father Arrested over Death of his Expectant Daughter and her 4-Year-Old Child

Police in Kapchorwa is holding a 47-year-old over the death of an expectant mother and her four-year-old son who were burnt inside their grass-thatched house while sleeping.

Fredmark Chesang, the police spokesperson for Sipi region says George Mzee, the father of the deceased, was arrested at his home in Matingot cell, in East division on Saturday, October 29th.  This was after Ndiwa Cherotwo, the Family Chairperson informed police that the suspect’s wife during a family meeting that her husband was a prime suspect in the death of Joy Chemutai and her son following earlier threats.

“We have arrested Mzee, the father of the late, and finalizing our investigations to present the suspect to Court,” Chesang told URN in Kapchorwa.

The bodies of the deceased were laid to rest on October 28th, in Matingot Cell, according to Ndiwa Cherotwo, the Family chairperson.   

“We decided to bury the bodies so as to give us time for investigations.” Says Cherotwo.

Emmanuel Labu, the chairperson LC3 East division, says most of the parents in Matingot cell, Karasa ward indulge a lot in day time drinking which results in frequent domestic violence-related issues.

“There is more drinking than responsibility amongst most men in this ward,” says Labu. 

Scovia Kusuro, a resident, has asked the authorities to address the issues of domestic violence on a serious note for its life a life-consuming.

Police preliminary investigations reveal that Chemutai had earlier on had a misunderstanding with her father on October 24th when they noticed that she was expectant for the second time while still under their care. 

Joy Chemutai 25, and her son Jonathan 4, were burnt on October 25th, 2022. 

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