Evicted Hoima Residents Starving

More than 500 families from Kapapi and Kijanga sub-counties in Hoima district who were evicted from their land are starving.

The families mostly cultivators and pastoralists were forcefully evicted from their ancestral land last week when the police and private security guards reportedly raided their homes.

The affected residents are from the villages of Waaki North, Kapapi Central, Waaki South, and Kiryatete all in Kapapi and Kiganja sub-counties.

They are feuding over a piece of land measuring approximately 925 hectares with Moses Asiimwe, a tycoon in Hoima.  

Some of the evictees have since pitched camp at Rwenyana Gospel Church in Kapaapi sub-county while others are scattered in the neighboring villages sleeping out in the cold.

Margret Mirimo, a mother of thirteen explains that they are undergoing untold suffering since they don’t have where to get food. She fears that their children could die as a result of hunger.

Faith Kamahe, another victim explains that currently, they are surviving on handouts from well-wishers calling on the office of the Prime Minister to deliver relief food to them. She says following their brutal eviction, their children have since dropped out of school.

Godfrey Kabwino, another victim says ever since they were evicted, they have not been allowed to access their land. He says even those who tried to access their homes were beaten by security guards deployed to guard the contested piece of land.

Annet Kirabo, an expectant mother says her husband was arrested during the eviction yet he is the one who would provide for the family adding that life has become extremely hard for her together with her children.

Kadir Kirungi, the LCV Chairperson Hoima says they have already notified the office of the Prime Minister adding that arrangements are being made to have the victims availed of relief food.

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