Enanga: Wobulenzi mayor to be charged for inciting violence

The Territorial Police in Greater Savannah and Wobulenzi, is actively tracking down,  the Mayor of Wobulenzi Town Council and several others for incitement to violence, obstruction of police officers on lawful duty and for violation of the curfew restrictions.

The facts gathered so far indicate that on 30th October 2021, the OC station, Wobulenzi Police Station, a one ASP Masette Kenneth and 4 others, went out on routine enforcement of the curfew and security patrols within Wobulenzi Town Council.

“When the patrollers reached Modern cell, at around 8pm, they were obstructed by the Mayor, Hon. Ssebalamu Moses, who started insulting the officers and inciting the youths and other members of the public against them, claiming curfew no longer existed in Uganda.” Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga said in a statement.

“They started throwing stones, and injured the officers.  The officers out of self-defense discharged 13 bullets, which injured two victims namely; Seguya Ivan, a 35-year-old businessman of Wobulenzi Town Council, who was injured on the right leg and Nakitende Beatrice, a 15-year-old, female juvenile of Wabamba Cell in Wobulenzi Town Council, who was injured to the left leg. The two victims were rushed to Bombo Military Hospital, where they are undergoing treatment.” Enanga added.

It has been established that the Mayor purposely mobilized against the team of patrollers, to prevent them from reaching his bar, which operates stealthily behind closed doors.  This is the second incident of incitement to violence, after him actively participating in the famous November riots where they allegedly burnt the Chief Magistrates Court in Wobulenzi.

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