Election Of Boda Boda Leaders in Mbarara City Resumes

The Mbarara City officials have resumed the process to elect new Mbarara City Boda Boda leaders.

Last year the Mbarara City Security Committee chaired by the City Commissioner James Mwesigye suspended the process following protests from a section of riders who accused the Independent Electoral Body of alleged irregularities during the nomination process.

The Mbarara City Principal Community Development Officer, Peter Turyamuhaki, says they have agreed with the electoral body that the process of electing the leadership can resume. He adds that the elections will be held on January 25th.  

Turyamuhaki says that they have agreed to meet the riders to iron out issues that led to the suspension of the elections. He says that some of the cyclists had boycotted the elections.

According to Turyamuhaki, they have drafted the election roadmap and on Thursday, they will display the voters register at all Boda Boda stages. 

The Chairperson of the independent electoral body, Richard Kigunddu, said that before the elections were suspended 100 people had expressed interest to contest, 96 had been nominated and four protested the process.

Sadious Owkunda Salongo, one of the aggrieved Boda Boda Riders and Former Chairperson of Mbarara City Boda Boda Riders says he is waiting for communication from the City authorities. 

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