Dr. Beine appointed new NAGRC boss

Hon. Frank Tumwebaze, the Minister for Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries, has appointed Dr. Peter Beine as the new Executive Director of the National Animal Genetics Resources Centre and Data Bank ( NARGC & DB).

Dr. Beine has been  the acting Executive Director at NAGRC & DB for one year and a few months following the interdiction of Dr. Charles Lagu over alleged corruption and abuse of office.

According to a tweet shared by the Ministry of Agriculture, Dr. Beine’s appointment was endorsed by the NAGRC board of directors and legal advice from the Attorney General.

” Upon the recommendation of the NARGC & DB board of directors and in accordance with the legal advice of the Attorney General and Hon. Minister for Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries, Frank Tumwebaze has appointed Dr. Peter Beine, as the Executive Director for the Agency,” the Ministry of Agriculture wrote on Twitter.

During his one year as the acting Executive Director at NAGRC & DB, Dr. Beine has registered an increase of non-tax revenue collections from the constant UGX 700 million since the start of the agency to UGX 3.88 billion with just 7 months of change of leadership.

There was also a tremendous increase in the number of livestock breeding stock bred and multiplied or NAGRC & DB ranches and availed to the public for uptake. On the account of the turn around excellent performance, NARGC & DB was in December 2020, voted the best livestock agency in Uganda through the process led by NPA, OPM as well as the President and Vice President’s offices.

Following his excellent performance and turning around of the agency, the board of directors appraised and unanimously recommended the appointment of Dr. Beine as the new Executive Director for NARGC & DB.

Dr. Beine has previously served as the Assistant Commissioner for Agriculture Planning and Development at the Ministry of Agriculture.

He also worked as a research scientist and manager with NARO & ASARECA and has extensive experience in International Agricultural Development project management with the World Bank, UNEP/GEF & CABI International.

Beine is a doctoral graduate of the University of Greenwich in the United Kingdom with a PHD in Agricultural Economics with a focus on Agricultural production and productivity Economics but also holds a master’s degree in Agriculture from the University of Pretoria in South Africa and a Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture from Makerere University.

He also gained a lot of experience in livestock development from the sophisticated livestock industries of South Africa, United Kingdom and Ireland where he has participated in several International livestock development conferences.

National Animal Genetics Resources Centre and Data Bank ( NAGRC &DB) is a corporate body under the Ministry of Agriculture Animal Industry and Fisheries whose mandate is to take a leading role in establishing a comprehensive national animal breeding programme.

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