CNOOC trains heavy goods vehicle drivers

CNOOC Uganda Limited, an oil and gas company has today undertaken the training of Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) drivers so as to be able to professionally trucks and trailer (class License) or rigid trucks (class CM license). The training is expected to cater for the estimated transportation needs which shall in turn build the capacities and capabilities of Ugandan citizens in this skill.

Following Uganda’s oil and gas discoveries, the sector is transitioning into the development phase in Preparation for sustainable production of these resources. In order to promote national content in the development and production phases, the three Joint Venture (JV) Partners comprising of CNOOC Uganda Ltd, TotalEnergies and Uganda National Oil Company (UNOC) commissioned an extensive Industrial Baseline Survey (IBS). The IBS was done to determine and align potential demand of the planned projects for goods and services with the Ugandan market to deliver them.

Transportation & Logistics (Goods) was identified as one of the 25 industries with relatively high benefits and feasibility for national content development. Transportation is also among the goods and services to be provided by Ugandan companies, Ugandan citizens and Registered entities as detailed in the Petroleum (Exploration, Development and Production) (National Content) Regulations, 2016.

A total of 70 participants to this HGV driver training will learn the key issues in dealing with Heavy good vehicle driving in accordance to East African community curriculum. This three (3) months program provides interactive forum for instructors to share, explore and discuss concepts and issues of HGV driving and Road Safety.

Aminah Bukenya, Media and Publicity Manager said that, “the training has enabled positive discrimination for female candidates who have been selected as the primary beneficiaries of this program through a partnership with the Bunyoro Kitara kingdom”.

“We are happy with this initiative, we are thankful to the oil and gas companies who are going to train us in these skills which shall enable us participate in the oil and gas sector especially after FID,” said Irene Businge one of the beneficiaries.

This selection of trainees in this particular cohort was undertaken in partnership with Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom that supported the identification and selection process together with the implementing service provider Uganda Driving Standards Agency. The partnership with the Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom was aimed at positive discrimination for potential beneficiaries from the Bunyoro Sub-Region that hosts the Kingfisher Project.

Zakalia Lubega, the Head of Corporate Affairs stated that;” Industrial Baseline Survey highlighted 100,000 to 150,000 indirect and induced jobs. We believe that this is one of the mechanisms to identify ways to bridge the gaps to maximize national content participation especially during the development and production phases of the project.”

Rt. Hon. Andrew Byakutuga Ateenyi said that “Skilling our people is one of the avenues through which they can tap into local content opportunities. This program is another success in the cordial working relationship with CNOOC Uganda Limited.”

As an energy company with a strong sense of social responsibility, CNOOC Uganda is committed to National Content promotion to enable Ugandans to into the opportunities in the oil and gas sector.

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