Closure of Police Post Reawakens Fear of Horrific Murders in Bukomansimbi

The closure of Kisojjo police post in Butenga sub-county in Bukomansimbi district has reawakened the community’s fears of the horrific murders and robberies that rocked the area in 2018.  

President Yoweri Museveni ordered the establishment of Kisojjo Police Post following the grisly murder of five people including a retired Senior Police Officer, Denis Lumala Ssebigwawo who was attacked by a notorious criminal gang.

The murders, which occurred on 2018 New Year’s Eve also left twelve other people nursing serious injuries from the attack. When he visited the scene of the crime, President Museveni directed the Police leadership to permanently secure the area by establishing a police post and equipping it with a motorcycle and an emergency toll-free telephone line.

However, the Post which had been established next to the late Lumala’s home in Kisojjo village was recently closed and personnel withdrew as part of the efforts by the police leadership to minimize attacks on police officers at isolated Posts.

The closure of the post has raised a lot of public concern in Kissojjo A, Kisojjo B, Kijjampiki, and Mpalampa villagers as residents are skeptical about their safety. Mike Nsubuga, the Kibinge sub-county LC V councilor who is a resident of Kisojjo village, says that the community is gripped with fear and wants the post reopened.

According to Nsubuga, the area has not yet recovered from the 2018 horrific murders and robberies and wonders, why the post was closed yet residents, secured financed its accommodation. He says that the neighboring villages of Kiryassaka and Kisaaka have registered five house break-ins within a space of three weeks after the police post was closed. 

Francis Muweesi and Jane Francis Nalweyiso, both from Kijjampiki village argue that the closure of the police post has rendered them susceptible to attacks and robberies as perpetrators will now freely attack the communities with minimal disruptions. 

Muweesi, who recently suffered a house break-in has cried out to the Police administration to reinstate the post, arguing that given the history of the grisly attacks, the area is a unique case that needs to be closely monitored. 

Fred Kalema, the Bukomasimbi Deputy Resident District Commissioner argues that the district Security Committee found it justifiable to close the Police Post at Kisojjo after finding it underutilized. Despite the withdrawal of the Police Post, he explains that the community is still regularly monitored by the motorized security teams and urged the community to report any incidents and suspicious people in the area.   

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