Church Calls on Aggrieved Ugandans to Dialogue, be patient

A call for love amongst Ugandans and their country dominated the message as Christians flocked to Church to celebrate the New Year.

This comes after the end of a year that has been dominated by reports of unexplained arrests of civilians, attacks by armed people on security personnel and police stations, as well as the destruction of public infrastructure especially electricity installations, among others. Some of the activities have been attributed to bitterness amongst Ugandans over various issues, including against the government in power.

Former Muhabura Diocesan Bishop-Elect David Sebuhinja called for patience and steadfastness, adding that however long it takes, God’s promise for deliverance will be fulfilled, as was the biblical case of the Israelites.

Sebuhinja was elected Bishop in 2001 but the laity of Muhabura Diocese rejected him. A case against them and the Church was withdrawn on the advice of Archbishop Henry Luke Orombi. At the August 2006 Provincial Assembly, the House of Bishops voted on a compromise solution to consecrate him Bishop but outside his diocese, After consecrating him in North Mbale, he was given another role at the Province until his retirement age.

While at St Francis Chapel, Makerere, his New Year’s day sermon focused on thanksgiving and he reminded Christians to always be thankful in any circumstances, provided they remain alive. He gave a brief story of himself where he had to fight a six-year battle before being consecrated Bishop, despite having been elected.

At All Saints Cathedral, Nakasero, Assistant Bishop Hannington Mutebi condemned what he called all the rotten sections of society considering what the country is going through. From the Church to the media, family and others, Mutebi called for transformation so that Uganda is a better nation this year.

He accused the media of focusing on what he deemed negative happenings, “as if there are no good things happening in the country,” and called for a change in thinking by the media.

The Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, Dr Samuel Kaziimba Mugalu called for love and unity, not only in the Church but in the whole nation as the new year begins. He told the congregation at St Paul’s Cathedral, Namirembe that in all situations, unity is a strong aspect that makes people win, the reason why the national anthem’s main theme is unity.

According to him, hatred among members of the same community can lead to its collapse. He gave the example of vandals who are targeting electricity infrastructure, for what at times seems malice and not stealing of parts. This, he says defeats any reason because the result of the destruction of infrastructure does not only affect anyone person but everybody including the vandals themselves.

However, he said that even in his own Church there are people who are bent on failing it, a situation he equated to a footballer scoring in his own net. He called for a better way of resolving grievances instead of destruction.

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