Censure Motion Against Security Minister Muhwezi Flops

The motion to censure security minister Jim Muhwezi has hit a rock. On Thursday, Leader of Opposition in Parliament Hon Mathias Mpuga announced that the motion had only attracted 88 signatures out of the 176 required.

Opposition legislators had wanted to censure the minister on account that he had neglected his responsibility amid torture of Ugandans by the security forces. Collection of signatures elapsed after 10 days as stipulated under the Parliament Rules of Procedure,

176 signatures are required for the motion to be adopted. The opposition has 109 MPs out of the 529 in parliament. NRM enjoys a majority of 336.

While addressing the media on Thursday, Mpuga said he was disappointed by the failure to acquire the required signatures.

Earlier, Muhwezi described the move to censure him as a mistake. He said he was not solely responsible for the happenings as there are a number of security layers to deal with cases of torture and many alike.

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