Cabinet approves new Judicial structure

Cabinet has proved the implementation of the proposed Judicial structure which is set to make the Judiciary an Independent arm of government. Initially, the Judiciary was operating as a mere government department yet it is the third arm of government.

While addressing the press today at the Uganda media centre in Kampala, the Judiciary spokesperson, Jameson Karemani revealed that cabinet has approved the implementation of the revised structure.

“The Court of Appeal will be decentralized to other regions. Construction has already started in Gulu and Mbarara whereas Fort Portal and Mbale are also soon coming up,” Karemani said.

The Judicial spokesperson added that the new structure will improve on the service delivery.

The Court of Appeal is currently centralized in Kampala which makes it hard for Ugandans living in upcountry regions to access the services.

According to the revised structure, the number of Judges will also be increased to solve the problem of case backlog.

Karemani also told the press that the number of Justices for the supreme Court will be increased from 10 to 21 whereas for the court of Appeal, they will be increased to 56.

He added that the high court judges will be increased to 228 whereas the chief magistrates and grade one magistrates will be increased to 160 and 514 respectively.

The new revised structure also indicates that the Judicial staff will fall under the Judicial service, not in the public service as it has been.

“They will no longer be part of the public service but ours. There is over Shs500 billion for the new structure but it won’t be done in one financial year because we are mindful of the source of the funds,” Karemani said before adding that “We will be implementing some of the revised new structure programs gradually.”

The new judicial structure has come a month after the Uganda Judicial officers’ Association (UJOA) led by Chief Justice Alfonse Owiny-Dollo held their annual general meeting to inform members about their submission to cabinet for the necessary changes.

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