Burundian National Shot Dead in Parking Lot

A security guard has shot dead a Burundian national during a heated argument at Muzana Zone in Kisenyi 1 parish in Kampala Central Division. The deceased is Christian Itangishaka, a resident of Bunamwaya, who has been in charge of parking at Roza Market.

He was gunned down around 8:00 pm on Tuesday night by Mathias Muhoozi a private guard from Blue Water Services Limited. Muhidi Kiyora, a businessman in Roza Market, says that the shooting occurred when the deceased developed a disagreement with Muhoozi who had just been deployed for guard duties.

According to Kiyora, Christian attempted to access the parking space but the security guard who couldn’t recognize him denied him access. He attempted to force himself inside, which resulted in a scuffle. 

“Muhoozi was so angry, he cocked his gun, and Christian attempted to grab it. However, the two were separated by people around, then the deceased walked away in the opposite direction, the guard followed him and shot him in the back killing him,” Muhidi said. 

According to Kiyora, the security guard was too violent despite the efforts of those who were around to calm him down.

The Kampala Metropolitan Deputy Police Spokesperson, Luke Owoyesigyire, says that the guard was picked up by his bosses and taken to Muzana Police post before being transferred to Old Kampala Police Division.

“We responded but found Christian lying in a pool of blood. Unfortunately, he had already succumbed to his injuries, and his body was conveyed to the City Mortuary Mulago for postmortem,” Owoyesigyire said. 

John Senteza, a security expert in Kampala, said that apart from the police’s call for character assessment, poor payment, and inadequate training are major problems behind such incidents. He explains that some guards use drugs and alcohol to overcome stress. 

“They are not mentally ill, but they have a lot of stress due to low payment, these are human beings with families with demands. Actually, some of them are using drugs and are alcoholics. So it’s high time for the public to avoid arguments with someone who is armed at his post. We shall continue seeing similar murders happening,” Senteza said. 

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