Bulambuli FDC Party Elections Turn Chaotic

Chaos erupted during the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party elections in Bulambuli district at Bunamuje Primary School in Buyaga town council Tuesday due to disagreements over the voting system.

Geoffrey Tembei, the Bulambuli FDC party registrar, explains that before the elections, the supporters of Emmanuel Sebunyo Masaba and Moses Samali, who were both vying for the position of district party chairperson agreed to vote by lining up for transparency as opposed to the secret ballot.

However, during the election, Sebunyo’s supporters became agitated upon seeing his line having fewer people. The agitation led to a confrontation, with Sebunyo himself getting involved. In the midst of the commotion, Sebunyo fell and sustained injuries.

His supporter, Francis Nandala, alleged that Sebunyo has been physically assaulted by Samali’s supporters.

According to Tembei, Nandala claimed that Samali had introduced unauthorized individuals to vote, causing further turmoil and contributing to the chaotic situation.

Despite the turmoil, the election eventually resumed. In the final tally, Sebunyo secured 120 votes, while Samali emerged as the winner with 185 votes. Attempts to reach Samali for comment were unsuccessful as his phones were switched off.

Sebunyo was unavailable for comment as he was reportedly receiving treatment at the Fountain of Life Medical Clinic in Buyanga, Buyanga town council, Bulambuli district by the time of publishing this story.

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