Buikwe Councilors Protest Payment of 106M Debt to Contractor

Buikwe District councilors have protested a move by the executive committee to clear a debt of 106 million Shillings to the contractor who constructed the administration block.

The councilors led by Tom Kiwanuka, a councilor of Nyenga Division say that they cannot inherit debts left behind by the past leaders.

The offices were constructed in the 2016/17 financial year by Totya Investment Limited at a cost of 286 million Shillings and were commissioned in 2017. However, the former administration failed to complete payment to the contractor even after the completion of the building.

Butamisi Nabwetemye, the Woman Councilor Ssi Sub Country says that they should first study the Memorandum of Understanding between the then councilors and the contractor before they clear the debt.

She wonders how the contractor allowed the commissioning of the building without receiving full payment.

“How sure are we that, that is the amount being demanded, we need to check the records if there is any before agreeing on anything instead of coming up with recommendations abruptly,” she says.

Jimmy Kanaabi, the LCV Chairperson Buikwe confirms the district is in debt. He also explains that the past administration failed to pay the balance of 106 Million Shillings due to a lack of funds.

According to Kanaabi, they had suggested that the debt is cleared in the next financial year. 

“The executive committee had earlier tried to suggest to the councilors and finance committee to start clearing the debt in the next financial year before things get worse than they are,” Kanaabi said.

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