Boda-Boda Riders Block Part of Northern Bypass to Save Accident Victim

Transport was paralyzed at the Bwaise Flyover along the northern bypass Monday morning when Boda-boda cyclists blocked the road to compel police to provide transport to an accident victim.  The riders packed their motorcycles in the middle of the road, which interrupted traffic flow on the busy road for over 40 minutes.   

It came after an unidentified motorist pushed a Boda-Boda rider who was crying a bed, mattress, luggage, and Jerrican together with two passengers from Namungoona into a ditch. The area Defense Secretary, who only identified himself as Muzaffar, said the accident happened at around 5:30 am. 

He explained that one of the passengers sustained serious injuries. He, however, explained that the police took time to respond to the accident scene, and when they arrived, they said they didnt have fuel for their vehicles.

Another unidentified eyewitness, says that when the accident occurred, the Boda boda rider who was carrying the affected passengers sped off because he wasn’t injured that much. “We heard the motorcycle making noise as it collided with the road surface. The next thing we saw, were people in the middle of the road crying for help. 

Then we rushed to help, and other people joined us, but as we picked them up from the middle of the road, some of their property was taken by people I didn’t know, and the motorcycle onto which they were riding was taken by the cyclist with whom thru got the accident,” she said.    

By the time URN reached the scene at around 7:20 am, there were two traffic officers with a large gathering of onlookers. The accident victim was still lying on the ground in a pool of blood while shaking uncontrollably. As this was happening, slowly the people gathered around mostly Boda-Boda riders started stopping cars that were on the road to help take the injured person to the hospital.

Unfortunately, none of the motorists was stopping to take the injured to the hospital. This prompted the rider to park their motorcycles in the middle of the road, which paralyzed traffic flow. At this point, they started compelling government-registered vehicles to take the injured person to the hospital.    

This continued for up to 40 minutes as most government and local government vehicles refused to offer help. At last, a motorist in the Ministry of Agriculture vehicle decided to rush the accident victim to the hospital. As a result, the riders got their motorcycles from the middle of the road. 

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